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The following is very true and current as of today, 8/25/2012. Now, the damn thing doesn't hit a lick and I have no way to get it repaired. Please read this page and be very warned. Thank you, Larry

"If you want better service, go to Wal-Mart."

That was an exact quote this guy gave me in an e-mail when I asked him a question.



Do not buy

A "Plasmadyn M50" Plasma Cutter or anything else from this person.

Do not deal with Richard Bell

In my opinion he is not an honest person.

He is in Saint Louis, Mo.  The last number he gave me was. 573-259-XXXX.  (It is bogus).  It was also someone else's number, so I can't print the one he gave me.

There is something wrong with any business that doesn't give you a phone number or doesn't have it or their address on their site.  Check it out yourself.

If you don't believe me, check out this shipping label.

All he wants is your money, service is out of the question.  You better hope you don't need it.

Here's the true story for your reading enjoyment.

Machine one.

Machine Two

Machine Three


Here's some more of the story.

Machine Four



This guy works out of his house and sells Chinese Shit.

Just to give everyone an idea of how this person talks to his customers, here is a copy of the last e-mail he sent me. Plus he never shipped the unit.


Mr Martin

we decide a long time ago to re-send the working machine that you were unable to work yourself.
In fact, PlasmaDyn either owes you nothing legally, or shall not owe you anything in the very near future. We are under no obligation to answer your email.
The real problem Mr Martin, is, well, Sir, you are an ignorant asshole who deserves absolutely nothing else from this company. But, nevertheless, we do the right thing regardless of how utterly ignorant a customer is.
Funny thing, of the hundreds of customers we have had, we only have ONE that is as an ignorant asshole as you sir.
So, we are sending you a working machine, intact, with everything you sent us, and we are again PAYING YOUR BILL AGAIN.
If you refuse it, I'll give it to my neighbor.
Be aware all email you send will be blocked and will never be delivered.
One more thing, and LISTEN CARFULLY LARRY. We have consulted our attorney to review this issue. Should he decide you have injured our business in any way, you will again have the opportunity to speak to me, but it will be thru the attorney you hire to defend yourself.

One thing I've learned, buy Made In the USA.

You have been Warned.

Larry Martin

Cabot, Arkansas